Speaking References

October 7, 2019

I’ve met very few people who trigger such a continuous flow of positive inspiration, deep learnings, introspection and eagerness to do impactful work.

Christian Citu, World Economic Forum

“I believe Benjamin J Butler has a special talent and he is meant to share this with the world. Through his speaking engagements and his authentic presentations, one will gain more insight about the future we face, purpose and inspiration. He is one of the most memorable people I’ve had the privilege to work with.”

Cecilia Yeung, Asia’s leading Speaking Coach

“Benjamin is a rare ‘exponential human’ who has a systems view of the world – the trends in tech, society, culture and economy. He seems to be able to connect the dots and see the truth beyond the noise, where the world is heading. A true futurist. More importantly, in his talks, he encourages us to cultivate a deeper form of intelligence which will help us navigate the uncertainty which surely lies ahead. He will add value as a keynote speaker to your event if you are endeavouring to imagine where the future is going.”

Dijana Galijasevic, Co-Founder Exponentially Human, Faculty of the European Institute of Exponential Technologies and Desirable Futures.

“Benjamin’s life and work experience, living and working in the East and the West have enabled him to integrate multiple points of view and moves of thought and feeling and develop within himself a holistic vision of the future of humanity.”

Adam Lindemann, Venture Capitalist, CEO, Mind Fund

“We invited Benjamin to speak at our research symposium on Exponential Technologies and the Liberal Arts. His contribution – aside from being extremely thought-provoking in a more general way – was instrumental in defining the medium- and long-term scenarios required to have a debate on where society, business, the individual, culture, and ethics are headed and on how the Liberal Arts can help inform political and economic decisions to shape the future thus emerging. I was extremely grateful that Benjamin could spare the time and join us at the event!”

Dr. Lennart Brand, Managing Director | Leadership Excellence Institute Zeppelin 

“Benjamin gave a fascinating and well-researched presentation to my university students which was wide-ranging and informative. Benjamin was able to answer questions spanning multiple fields of knowledge regarding futures and foresight, and students benefited greatly from his informative responses.”

Marcus T. Anthony, Professor of Futures Studies, College of Global Talent, Zhuhai

Benjamin’s last talk at the Asia Institute was called “Science Fiction 2030: Trends in technology, culture, society, economics and beyond”. It was a wide ranging and mind blowing talk and quite inspirational. Few speakers can cross so many topics and disciplines , giving us a taste of what is ahead and how to prepare for it.

The talk was deep, insightful and comprehensive covering almost everything you can think of!”

Professor Singh, Asia Institute