Arrived in Tulum

February 26, 2021

I normally have a pretty good intuitive feel about the rise and fall of various towns and cities. Its probably because of the way I monitor global trends and the flow of capital and people.

Tulum, Mexico has long been an attractor of cultural creatives. But it has especially been on my radar recently because many exiled Californians, New Yorkers and others have been moving here. Covid 19, and the massive over-reaction, in my opinion, of governments around the world has led to a rising number of free thinkers moving to Tulum. Here people can still mingle and meet face to face in one of the most idyllic locations on the planet.

Our old world is collapsing and a new civilization will eventually emerge. In fact it’s already emerging. I hope that we will play our small part in its creation. Everything will be turned upside down. Its fascinating to see that many of my more visionary friends are moving out of so called advanced nations to less advanced or even developing nations. Perhaps the big cities of New York, London, San Francisco etc will eventually bounce back. But new global hubs of talent, ideas and resources are emerging. Tulum Mexico is one of them.

Already in a brief stay I’ve met globally reknowned authors, entrepreneurs working on some of the world’s biggest issues, incredibly talented musicians and generally people working on building the future civilization. The talent here is seriously overwhelming.

We are about to hold our Council for Embassy of the Future in Tulum. Let me know if you are here and want to connect!

I’m quite tempted to make this my new home.