Evolutionary Turning Point?

October 24, 2020

The first time EVER I am a moderator and not a speaker and I get a former President, Finance Minister, Undersecretary of Commerce and the former President of the United Nations Security Council! If you cant tell I was a more than a little nervous even though one of the panelists is a friend of mine! The big question in my mind has been are we at an evolutionary moment of human history? I am convinced we are. Frank Richter and Horasis Global allowed me to put together an amazing panel a few weeks ago at the Extraordinary Meeting opened by the Secretary General of the United Nations (Co_chaired by leaders such as Richard Branson etc) and the biggest online meeting of 2020 (https://horasis.org/horasis-extraordinary-meeting/). It was a bit of a challenge (my side) but I think if you listen to the whole thing with an open non-judgemental mind, there are some incredible nuggets of wisdom. Clearly we needed FAR more time for such a dialogue but the panelists were amazing. I needed to really spend more time framing the whole thing, so kudos to all of these policymakers for plunging in to my sci-fi world!

Regarding my performance – if you don’t try new things you don’t learn!
I will write an article for Horasis Insights with take on the panel and my new book is all about the future and human evolution. [Aside note – if you don’t want to miss my updates please do subscribe on my website.]

This was a the outline for the talk –

Intuitively we all know that the future is accelerating at us, and we live in the midst of historical times. Our imaginative panel will tackle the big questions. How will revolutionary technology – from AI to Web 3.0 – impact our world? How will our economies, geopolitics and organizations change? Will we shift to a Post Industrial Civilization? Will we witness the evolution of the human species?
• Nina Angelovska, Former Minister of Finance, Co-founder, Grouper.mk, North Macedonia
• Kishore Mahbubani, Distinguished Fellow, Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore, Singapore
• Francisco J. Sanchez, Former US Under Secretary of Commerce, USA
• N.K. Singh, Chairman, Indian Finance Commission, India
• Vaira Vike-Freiberga, Former President of Latvia, Latvia